Know about the effects of the prolonged use of the steroids!!!

Know about the effects of the prolonged use of the steroids!!!

The individuals can go through the side effects on abusing the steroids. The side effects and adverse reactions are associated with every steroid. Every individual in this world has heard of the horror stories these days. The steroids are the drugs that can be bought with the help of a prescription for the treatment of any medical issue.

The users must be aware of the steroid effects of prolonged use. Sometimes the side effects taking place on intake of steroids are minor as well as temporary in nature. There are tingling sensations or pain at the injection site, muscle fatigue leading to a surprising decline in the sex drive. There are a number of individuals, who make use of the steroids illegally and buy them without prescription is the steroid abusers. There are a few individuals, who undergo clinical trials or examinations after using them for a longer period of time.

Taking steroids for a specific period of time, stopping it and restarting it after sometime is the cycle program that can contribute to a several side effects and dangers after some time. The intake of steroids for long term is not defined properly, but it is being taken by the bodybuilders indefinitely. Most of the bodybuilders take the steroids that are the pyramid steroids, i.e. the steroids that generally starts from low dosage and its dosage can be increased as required.

The individuals can raise the dosage of the steroid by the time, they are unable to achieve their desired goal and then gradually it can be decreased, before getting it started again. The methods of intake of steroids, including the stacking, pyramiding, and stacking do not decrease the dangers of steroids or their potential adverse reactions. The long term use of steroids leads to swelling in the intestines, heart muscles, etc. The high blood pressure, changes in the levels of blood cholesterol , liver as well as kidney damage, increased risk of heart attacks or stroke are some of the side effects of the steroids.

Several studies have been conducted and it has been reported that the long term use of steroids may lead to functional as well as structural abnormalities. Another danger associated with the intake of steroids for a longer period of time is that the individuals get addicted to it. This is why the individuals are recommended that the steroids must be carefully monitored by the physician. The dependence of steroids is not only related to the illegal use of steroids, but also the medically recommended prescriptions as well.

The steroids must be carefully monitored by the physical or a healthcare professional before its intake. Also, the dosage recommendations for a steroid must also be taken by the doctor. The effects of the prolonged use of steroids are very severe sometimes. The severity of the side effects depends upon the frequency of dosage as well as the dosage of the steroid. The individuals must follow the instructions of a doctor, so as to get rid of the adverse reactions of the steroids.